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November 27, 2014¤ by Dain 

Check out the latest music video by our very own member, toshi5o3! This one is called "DuckTales - The Moon Theme One Person Cover" Enjoy!

November 23, 2014¤ by Dain 

Manfred Trenz is an absolute legend in the gaming community.  From his controversial work with the Great Giana Sisters, to his timeless classics like R-Type and the Turrican series, Manfred has a long and storied history of creating both amazing Run n Gun and horizontal Shumps for consoles.  Targa was to be released in North America in 1995, but late in the game Manfred was forced to change some of his art and release the game as Rendering Ranger exclusively in Japan.  The game is a fantastic mash up that includes both genres that made Manfred famous:  Run n Gun AND horizontal shooter.  Seeing only a limited release in Japan and never coming over to the states, Targa is finally getting the release it deserved almost 20 years ago.

There are 150 copies available for sale, ready to ship immediately. See this thread for more information:

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