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Little League Baseball: Championship Series
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Title Screen for Little League Baseball: Championship Series
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Average Used Price: $6.99 [See historic prices & completed auctions]
Class: Licensed
Publisher: SNK
Developer: Success
Region: United States (USA)
Cart: Common
Box: Average
Manual: Average
Peripherals: Standard or Compatible Controller
# of Players: Unclassified
Extended Play: Unclassified
TV Format: NTSC
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)
Released: July, 1990 (07/01/1990)
UPC Code: Unknown
Pak Type:
Standard Cart

Codes, Cheats & Spoilers
|DYCUT8 C3VEY9 SAVYVT 69TM| Texas, 1st round
|DYCUT8 C3VEY9 SAXYVT 09TM| Texas, 2nd round
|CYU9F7 DDFBUX DSDWNV ELCM| New York, 1st round
|AYS9F7 DDFDUX DUBYLX EKCL| New York, 2nd round
|XXXY9X 8CV6RS RB8EJU L29Y| Spain, 1st round
|XXXY9X 8CX0TU RDE8JS L38W| Spain, 2nd round
=>Quick Recharge: When your pitcher gets tired, call a time out and replace
him. Then, call a time out and replace the new pitcher with your original
one, who will magically be recharged and fit again.

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