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GameBoyScotty (48)
Member Since: March 18, 2011
Feedback Score: 48
Positive Percentage: 97.96%
Members who left a positive: 49
Members who left a negative: 1

Detailed Ratings:
Criteria Average # of Ratings
Overall: 97.69% (A+) 39
Communication: 97.95% (A+) 39
Shipping: 95.42% (A) 24
Packaging: 100.00% (perfect) 24
As Described: 95.83% (A) 24
Total vs. Distinct
Feedback Total Distinct
All: 51 50
Positives: 50 49
Neutrals: 0 0
Negatives: 1 1
Withdrawn: n/a n/a

Recent Feedback
  #ID Item/Transaction From Date / Time
NA-38359 Paypal account fraud, over a month to ship, no communication for a 3 week interval, game arrived in non working condition and could not be repaired..
$18 shipped for Castlevania SOTH GH
8bitSpriteLimit (10)
at 01:19 AM
NA-38314 Got a whole box of sweet stuff for the fantastic price of free! Coolest guy on NA right here!
$5 for shipping for Gamecube power supply
ColdStatic (19)
at 11:27 AM
NA-35293 Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two week otherwise it will digest itself. Scotty is the man! Great to deal with. Fantastic communication. Would deal with again! And again!
$$$ for Ren & Stimpy Fire Dogs CIB
War Pig (172)
at 10:40 AM
NA-28177 Great! Thanks Duder!
$785 for 91 Awesome CIB black label GCN games shipped
Mario's Right Nut (348)
at 08:18 AM
NA-29198 This is what i call a standup guy
ps2 booty boot boot card
at 03:42 AM
NA-28819 shipped quickly, good communication
Mega Man Legends and X4 for Action Max and games
Suikoman444 (43)
at 01:47 PM
NA-28592 This guy is awesome. Stuff arrived super fast and items are great. Would definitely buy from again. A++++++++
NA Gamecube auction lot
MaxServerHead (31)
at 04:31 PM
NA-28752 This man is the real American hero
Work for feedback!
GreetingCarts (223)
at 02:47 PM
NA-28323 Scotty didn't make it into JoneBoner's thread... That's because he's Fucking Awesome!!!! A+++++++++++++++++++++++++
R&S tray and Misc items for $$
!damage! (71)
at 02:44 PM
NA-28184 Great person to deal with!! The best!!
$180 shipped for 42 CIB Gamecube games
theguy1962 (183)
at 08:02 PM
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