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Benihana (91)
Member Since: August 22, 2009
Feedback Score: 91
Positive Percentage: 100.00%
Members who left a positive: 91
Members who left a negative: 0

Detailed Ratings:
Criteria Average # of Ratings
Overall: 100.00% (perfect) 112
Communication: 100.00% (perfect) 112
Shipping: 99.71% (A+) 68
Packaging: 100.00% (perfect) 68
As Described: 100.00% (perfect) 68
Total vs. Distinct
Feedback Total Distinct
All: 119 91
Positives: 119 91
Neutrals: 0 0
Negatives: 0 0
Withdrawn: n/a n/a

Recent Feedback
  #ID Item/Transaction From Date / Time
NA-65450 Pitch Perfect!
Donkey Kong GBA, game gear castle of illusion, PS1 pipe dream & CIB N64 Top gear rally for $22 ship
The Hero (147)
at 07:21 PM
NA-65442 Shipped super safely and at light speed. Price was great and "extra bonus" will be in my possession forever. Buy from this man, it will change your life.
4 touchmaster games for $25 shipped.
Commander Santa (161)
at 03:26 PM
NA-65272 Got the item super quick. Packed safely and with great care. Everything looks great. Thank you so much! Highly recommended and will gladly do business with again in the future.
Cowlitz Special Edition #1 The Guardian Legend CIB for $175 shipped
Romarqable (39)
at 07:18 PM
NA-64790 Great Transaction!!!
Klax, TVsports hokcey Area 51 and Guantlet Legens for $40 shipped
Pman2877 (17)
at 07:41 PM
NA-65018 Great communication, fast shipping, great packaging. Highly recommended!
TG16 Super V-ball and NES ADD Pool of Radiance for $28 shipped
MrWunderful (127)
at 02:30 PM
NA-64777 Great prices! Fast and secure shipping, thanks!
Bust o Move 2 CIB/ Sonic 3D blast for $17 shipped
Tempius (96)
at 09:19 PM
NA-64797 Excellent transaction. Super fast shipping and great packing. All around A+++ and he is an outstanding member of the NA community
V-boy pinball w/manual and mario clash loose for $35
MuNKeY (62)
at 12:25 PM
NA-64779 Fast shipping and great communication. Thanks homie!
New Super Lugi U for $15 shipped
MrClutch (157)
at 10:21 AM
NA-64780 Good seller, would buy from again-unbelievable packaging job, somehow arrived even better than pictured!
Club Nintendo G+W CIB and Road Avengers disc only for $20 shipped
Nes Gangsta (31)
at 07:09 AM
NA-64053 great service. great price. games as described. very friendly. A+++ seller. thx a lot :D
Crash Bandicoot Collectors edition for $40 shipped
duwin2008 (3) 10/09/2014
at 05:45 AM
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