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March 02, 2014¤ by Dain 

February 28, 2014¤ by Dain 

Adventure of Lolo 2 Strategy Guide!

After nearly 25 years, the neglected version of the Adventures of Lolo series for the NES is finally redeemed.

In 1989, the first Lolo saw a strategy guide, as did the third game in the series in 1991, but what ever happened to the second game? Was it not worthy of a guide as well? Apparently not, at least not to the original creators of the series (HAL).

Fast-forward 20+ years, enter the interwebs to a community of nutjobs, and one man's passion to fill the void and you've got The Adventure of Lolo 2 Strategy Guide!

brian and the art by AJ_the_gym_leader.

The Strategy Guide costs $30 shipped in the USA, $35 shipped to Canada, and $40 shipped internationally (Paypal Payment).

Click here for more info and to follow the action.

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